Last name is pronounced like this

Last name is pronounced like this

About ME

Hello and welcome!

My name is Anya Kopotilova and I am a Colorado-based freelance artist. You might have met me through my instagram  @greenrainart.

I am an artist working with a variety of media, including, but not limited to soft pastels, watercolor, markers and colored pencils. I am also fond of sketching on my iPad Pro,  as well as collaging with handmade paper.

My artistic journey hasn’t been very long, but it is very exciting one with new discoveries  every day.  I was drawing passionately as a child, however it wasn't my career of choice and I ended up graduating with a BA in French. But the urge to draw was always there, manifesting in collecting beautifully illustrated children’s books, fabric with interesting designs and leading art activities for children. Over two years ago my desire to draw resurfaced and compelled me to do a series of daily drawing challenges and I haven’t stopped since. My artistic education does not come from an Art School, it is  rather a never-ending learning process. I try to take every opportunity to learn more about art and illustration by taking classes and learning from peers.

I live with my husband, two lovely children and two ancient cats in a Denver suburb where I work in my home studio.