Letters and Lines 2018: The Rocky Mountain SCBWI conference

This past weekend I had my first visit to Letters and Lines Conference organized by my local SCBWI chapter.

What a fantastic thoroughly positive experience it was!


I had a great time meeting my fellow illustrators and some authors, everyone was friendly and kind. The critique session was fantastic, I wouldn’t have seen the little things that can make my work better if it wasn’t for the group. The portfolio showcase was indeed very inspiring, so much talent and such bright ideas!


I had attended talks by Laurie Halse Anderson (her opening keynote on Creativity was absolutely empowering) and Claudia Mills (her closing keynote resonated with me so much, I was in tears by the end of it, really she is such a delight! And we have the same birthday :)). Denise Vega spoke about feeling worthy and it was a good reminder for all of us (I got her latest If Your Monster Won’t Go to Bed, which got Crystal Kite Award, and my 9 year old daughter absolutely loves it!)

Sessions were eye opening (Lily Williams’ talk on Art and Activism was very inspiring) and instructive (Brooke Boynton Huges and Kaz Windness had brilliant presentations on technical aspects of illustrating for children.) Listening to and receiving feedback from Laurent Linn was absolutely priceless. We had an opportunity of seeing his thought process during First Impressions session and Illustrator’s Intensive, which was fascinating and so so helpful. He has such a lovely, sparkling personality, just being in his presence is a delight.


I met Dow Phumiruk, had a good luck being in her critique group for the evening.

I came away a little wiser when it comes to balancing life and illustration, the path to further improvement in my technique became clearer, I feel I know my strengths and weaknesses a little bit better. I am very excited to continue this journey and create more artwork.

What I've been up to so far

Past few weeks were very busy for me, a couple of new projects have started, and I am preparing for an exciting Illustrators' event with my local SCBWI chapter. Please take a look at my new work here on this website and on Instagram. Stop by Children's Illustration page for new artwork (I am especially fond of a few inspired by an assignment "Into the Wild" I got through FolioFocus class). Please take a look at more lovely teacup islands (there are total of 10 illustrations now and more to come) at Island in a Cup page. I have begun new series of drawing for a story book I am working on right now. It is tentatively called "Rainy Day Tale" and I am very excited about it. 

My "The 100 day project" is going well so far. I am changing theme every 10 days to keep things interesting. I have recently wrapped up "Haiku and Sketch" project where I would pick a haiku, translate it (to the best of my abilities) and pair it up with a sketch. I enjoyed it tremendously and will hopefully continue. #haikuandsketch hashtag will lead you straight to it. I am about to finish another 10 days dedicated to working with very limited palettes (you know how crazy I am about the color and this is really challenging to stick to just 6). Stop by #greenrainart_limitedpalettes hasgtag to take a look. 

Recent work


I am about to finish a MATS Bootcamp course and on the verge of a final assignment- another something to look forward too (though sadly, it's such a lovely course). My April assignment was to create a sewing storage set and I loved making one inspired by Easter European folk enbroidery.


Chicken Lemon Soup

I love drawing food, most often I draw various delicious things in my sketchbook, and sometimes I put a whole recipe together. This time I drew a recipe of Lemon Chicken Soup for one for They Draw and Cook as a part of my Folio Focus class assignment. I am rather happy with the summery colors and recipe is perfect for spring. The recipe can also be viewed online on TDAC website


Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to my new site!

Please take a look around at the galleries of my recent and most favorite artworks. If you are not familiar with my work you may find me on instagram or browse my old home at greenrainart.com. From now on I will post about my artistic journey and add new pieces here.