What I've been up to so far

Past few weeks were very busy for me, a couple of new projects have started, and I am preparing for an exciting Illustrators' event with my local SCBWI chapter. Please take a look at my new work here on this website and on Instagram. Stop by Children's Illustration page for new artwork (I am especially fond of a few inspired by an assignment "Into the Wild" I got through FolioFocus class). Please take a look at more lovely teacup islands (there are total of 10 illustrations now and more to come) at Island in a Cup page. I have begun new series of drawing for a story book I am working on right now. It is tentatively called "Rainy Day Tale" and I am very excited about it. 

My "The 100 day project" is going well so far. I am changing theme every 10 days to keep things interesting. I have recently wrapped up "Haiku and Sketch" project where I would pick a haiku, translate it (to the best of my abilities) and pair it up with a sketch. I enjoyed it tremendously and will hopefully continue. #haikuandsketch hashtag will lead you straight to it. I am about to finish another 10 days dedicated to working with very limited palettes (you know how crazy I am about the color and this is really challenging to stick to just 6). Stop by #greenrainart_limitedpalettes hasgtag to take a look. 

Recent work


I am about to finish a MATS Bootcamp course and on the verge of a final assignment- another something to look forward too (though sadly, it's such a lovely course). My April assignment was to create a sewing storage set and I loved making one inspired by Easter European folk enbroidery.